Ruama Camp started the first African American Disaster Case Management and Education Ministry in the country. She is an Ordained Minister, holds a certification as a John Maxwell Speaker, and the Author of “From Under the Bed: 7 Strategies to Finding Purpose in Life.”

Ruama has raised 17 million dollars in her last organization and is known to mobilize and motivate the masses, she gets you moving!

She started her nonprofit journey in 2001 in Houston Texas, as a local hire for FEMA, and Executive Director for Disaster Recovery Interfaith. She worked Hurricanes Lili and Isidore and became a catalyst to a group of African American pastors in New Orleans, Louisiana, that activated the grassroots efforts which led to the organization of My Brothers Keepers.

Ruama, also coordinated after-school programs in low income apartment communities and ran extensive food programs targeted to feed at risk latch key kids. Several programs were created to aid children and parents in those centers including Ruth’s Heart for Adult Women displaced from Hurricane Katrina: God has Divas Too! For young females ages

8-21 and Men- 2- Men for young males ages 8- 21. These programs where safe havens for families to express their concerns and fears, while mapping out their new path to their new normal. 


Ruama is currently growing her Non-Profit Strategy Coaching Programs, while serving as the Project Manager for On Track Ministries where she coordinates services for residents that reside on Tax Credit Properties across the state of Texas. Her latest After School Program: You Are What You Think!  teaches parents and kids to have a GOOD Relationship with money! The Program will be in 10 complexes across Texas starting in the fall.

The Non-Profits Made Simple! Workshops are held 3 times a year. The workshops are designed to empower aspiring and small nonprofits to work in excellence, ensuring their organizations have strong compliance methods and by building meaningful relationships with funders. In addition the program also helps organizations identify alternative funding sources  in order to maintain sustainability. Non-Profits stand in the Gap! The program uplifts, empowers, and encourages advocacy for causes that may or may not have a voice and founders who need guidance, clarity and validation that their Heart centered business needs to be put into ACTION!