Raving Fans 

Cornelia Jammer

Coach Ru, is like the cup of coffee that you have at the top of the morning. She is the moment in time where you close your eyes and think, I can do this!!! Coach Ru, epitomizes accountability and strong work ethic. She works for you so you can work for others. Sitting through her VIP Day brought my dreams out of the stratosphere and into the atmosphere to be tangible and obtainable. 

Chasity Robinson 

I met Coach Ru last year and she has been a great encouragement to me in jumpstarting my business. She helps you to believe that you can, and before you know it, you're actually doing it!

Patricia Tabb

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Coach Ru in action and I was blown away. I knew that I needed to sign up for her program to learn how to implement what was in my heart. I walked away with that and more. 

Kristen Thompson

There are, of course, many wonderful coaches who are competent and helpful people. Ruama belongs in a very small subset of that group: the rare and magical coaches.

Her knowledge and experience, runs so broad and so deep. She delivers information that you can take away and apply to your business immediately.

Ruama challenges my thinking and encourages me to make changes that have evolved my business to a new level. She works WITH me to ensure that those actions deliver the results needed to achieve my goals. Her integrity is matchless.